You vs You – who wins?

Life’s a bit like a competitive sport. 

The more you train, focus and commit, the more you win.

Also, in life and in sport, you’re always your own biggest challenger.

Here’s what I mean.


  • You can develop a fitness habit, expanding your healthspan to its full potential
  • You can read a hundred books a year, becoming ultra-smart, cultured and wise
  • You can learn all the tech skills needed to lead and thrive in the 21st century
  • You can practice your craft, so you leverage your talent to become world-class
  • You can charge what you’re worth, and never have to worry about money again
  • You can choose to create a freedom lifestyle, working when and where you want


  • You can skip the gym when the weather’s bad, huddling on the sofa with pizza and wine
  • You can decide you know enough, as your brain’s already full of stuff you haven’t used yet
  • You can describe yourself as a “technophobe”, so others sympathise and help you out
  • You can give up trying to market yourself, so your talent withers on the vine from under-use
  • You can decide to be “kind” to everyone who needs you, whether or not they can afford to pay
  • You can accept where you are, because people like you never get to live a dream lifestyle

Guess which version of you is safer, more likely to succeed, and easier to maintain.

It’s the same one who never learnt to kick a ball, jump a hurdle or swim a length.

That’s right, you win again. 


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