Your #1 success habit

When things are working out worse than sharing an elevator with a tiger, and you’re only armed with a hand grenade, there’s a temptation to treat your business [or even your life] like a computer game.

Hit the big red RESET button.

Ctrl-Alt-Del in old school.

Trouble is, you’ll usually start over again using the same thoughts, feelings and processes that got you to the other place.

And you’ll soon be back in that small box with the ferocious feline.

It might seem easier to try something new, because you’ll cut yourself some slack to make it work.

You’ll mentally allow some time where you can coast for a while and go, hey, I’ve only just got started. Gimme a break.

And so history repeats itself.

That’s why the more effective route could be one that never occurred to you.

Stick it out.

Keep at it.

See things through.

Because most any idea works, if executed with passion, vision and determination.

Maybe your great idea has its shortcomings – they all do.

But you know what?

Your next idea could be even worse.

Love you lots

PS: These thoughts are inspired by my own journey so far, a Coney Island roller coaster of Everest highs and Mariana lows. Whenever I focused on something for a while, it worked out. 🤩

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