Your advice please!

In 16 weeks and 4 days, I will have published 1,000 of these Daily Brain Tattoos for your entertainment and occasional enlightenment. 

It’ll be the 1st June 2020, by my reckoning

That can only mean one thing: This DBT is number 900! 

So, here’s what I want help with.

On the day we publish DBT 1,000, we should have a proper celebration. 

A lavish bash
A millennial shindig
An unforgettable get-together

So, questions to you:

1: Shall we do it online?
2: Shall we have an actual party?
3: Shall we have competitions, prizes, offers?

What will the 1,000-DBTs blow-out look like?

Best answer by reply will get to see their idea implemented!


PS – The Facebook Groups Sales Challenge is going down a storm. Here’s today’s LIVE session, all about Building Your Community. 

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