Your clients are here

I was working on a “tools and tactics” session with a client who’s a stress coach.

His ideal client is a senior level executive, typically a CEO, CFO or C-something-O.

Reason: they’re typically stressed, and usually highly-paid. 

Tough clients to find? Maybe.

Tough clients to engage with? Maybe.

Or, maybe not.

I suggested we had a brief look at the search feature on LinkedIn (like Facebook wearing a shirt and tie) and we entered the following criteria:

Job Title: CEO
Area: My client’s local town

Result: 1,075 names, pictures, bios and contact details.

All for free, and in 2 minutes.

If you’re not active on LinkedIn, why not? 


I have a FREE LinkedIn Masterclass which has been resting for a bit. If I get enough interest, I’ll run it again this month. Fancy it? REPLY “LI” and I’ll add you to the wait list.

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