Your greatest gift in business

As Seth Godin reminded me earlier, your competitors are to be celebrated and thanked. 


Because they are helping you illustrate what you do. 

You don’t have to explain what hypnotherapy is, when a million others are at it too.
Nobody has to write an Idiot’s Guide To What Weight Loss Means. We already know.
We don’t need an infographic to justify the role of a personal trainer. We get it.

This is why it’s so silly for a rookie coach or therapist to try and come up with something wacky, unique or obscure, just for the sake of it.

This year, I’ve seen people claiming:

They’ll help me find my symphony
They’ll connect me with my inner being
There’ll be a deep shift in the way I view my existence

There are two problems with all those approaches:

  1. Not enough people know what they mean
  2. When we do, we probably don’t want it anyway

Do yourself a favour.

Decide the simplest form of what you do, then explain it in the common vernacular.

The reaction “WTF!?” when people see you for the first time is not at all useful.


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