Your worst habit

If we’re trying to build a business to support us, create wealth, impact and a legacy, there’s one big fat wrong way to go about it. 

It’s called Giving Up Too Soon. 

Anything you’re trying will take a while to settle in.

To develop, optimise and hone so that it’s useful, interesting and attractive to the rest of us.

I spotted a number in my WordPress metrics yesterday.

It caught my attention and it triggered this post.

The number?


Yep, what you’re reading here is the one-and-a-half-thousandth Daily Brain Tattoo!

Since March 24th 2017, I’ve tapped something out every day (except Sundays – even God had a day off, right!?) and it’s become a habit I just can’t shake.

Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t stop writing and publishing the DBTs, for at least the following reasons:

They keeps me fresh and current
I can repurpose across Social Media
It’s great discipline, creating regularly
You love reading them – well, you tell me you do
It’s a legacy for when I don’t want to do this anymore
I’ve published two best-selling books using the DBT content

But the biggest reason I couldn’t stop no matter what?

It’s a habit, and habits are hard to break.

Especially good ones.

Here’s to the next 1500, at least.

Love you lots

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