#1 reason you won’t reach the top

You can think about the chances of achieving extreme success as like climbing an 8k mountain, with the first couple of thousand metres pretty easy, and trodden successfully by many.

As you gather height, and rise up into the rarer air and the clear blue skies, you’ll find fewer people around you, fewer ways to get it right, and many more routes to disaster.

Approaching the peak, the number of ultra-smart, ultra-successful peers becomes vanishingly small, and the summit of perfection is literally unreachable with most average ideas and actions.

So, it’s understandable if you haven’t cracked the ultimate code of client attraction.

The numbers are against you.

There is an almost infinite number of wasteful, long-winded and ineffective ways to go about promoting yourself and your business.

Smart, effective and useful pinnacle strategies?

Not so many, and hard to reach, on your own.

I’ve been up there and back many times in my life so far, and I might be a useful Sherpa for you right now.

There are just a couple of spaces open on my June expedition to the steep slopes of marketing mastery.

Fancy it?

Type “Summit” in reply, and we can have a talk about throwing you a rope.


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