10 life-crushing habits

By this, I mean unhelpful habits that might stand between you and success, right now:

  • Over-planning and underdoing – action beats thoughts
  • Taking without giving back – try giving first
  • Waiting for perfection – great is good enough
  • Eating poorly – there’s enough excellent food around
  • Sleeping badly – you know where your bed is
  • Travelling to work – home office = smart
  • Stopping before you’re done – you’re closer than you think
  • emailing instead of talking – conversations are what get you paid
  • Dealing with idiots – they’ll beat you with experience
  • Settling for average – unless you want an average life

There’s no ONE secret to success.

It’s the accumulation of small, smart actions, leveraging your skills and experience to help people who can pay you what you’re worth.

And that’s all any of us can do.

What’s your best habit?


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