10 ways to decide if you’re intelligent

There’s no doubt that some people are brighter than others. 

In fact, the very notion of “average” intelligence requires that there’s a variance in smarts across the population.

Having spent 50-or-so years people-watching, calibrating their capacity for useful, rational and inspiring behaviour, I’ve filled numerous journals with observations and notes on this very topic.

Today, for the first time, I’ve distilled some of the traits I’ve discovered which seem to follow around the brightest people I’ve met.

Test yourself and award one point for a yes, zero for a no:

1: Do you talk to yourself?
2: Are you funny?
3: Does gossip and small talk bore you?
4: Are you curious about all the wonders of the world?
5: Do you create more than you consume?
6: Do you think before you speak?
7: Have you chosen a good life over one beset with problems?
8: Are you doing what you love to do?
9: Do you question rules and prefer to make your own?
10: Are you open to being proven wrong on anything, anytime?

That’s not a complete list – there’s a whole book in this – but tot up your score and see where you measure up.

Anything more than 7 is pretty smart by my reckoning. 

Love you lots

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