3 New Old Ideas

Re-inventing the wheel

I’m not one for reinventing the wheel. I’d rather slap a sticky new tyre on it and maximise traction with the least effort.

When it comes to getting more clients, here are three perennially great ideas which will never go flat:

  1. Focus on solving ONE problem for them. You already know what’s bugging your clients – if you don’t you should – so go out in the world with your solution.
  2. Contact former clients. Who’s more likely than people who’ve used your products and services before to do so again? If you haven’t spoken to your old flames in a while, do it right away.
  3. Focus on making ONE sale. It’s not a phone session, a marketing campaign, or even a newsletter. It’s a quest to find the NEXT customer. When you’ve figured that out, do it again, and again.

Sometimes, the old ways are the best.

Let’s get on with it!

Here’s a great old idea.

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