3 reasons videos don’t work

My pal and US super-coach David Fagan wrote a shortlist of why you should get good at writing – actually GREAT at writing – instead of just leaping on the video goldrush that’s all around us.

Writing gives you the chance to draft, edit and hone your message till it says EXACTLY what you want it to say.

And, as David reminds us, there are 3 other reasons why your clients might prefer to consume your text content:

1: People are either crazy busy, or they feel like they are
2: Video is hard for them to pull the good bits from
3: It takes time and singular attention to watch a video

I’d add to that a bonus Reason #4 Why Video Is Overrated:

4: You don’t need any special equipment, make-up or confidence to write stuff. Just get on with it…

As David says:

“Yes, do some videos. No, don’t stop working on the words and the writing!”


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