3 things we learned this week

Strange times in our community, as well as in the wider world of humankind. 

Here are some things swirling around in my head today:

1: Business is tough, even when you’re selling what people want

In the UK, we lost a major regional airline, for years linking smaller towns together and in high demand.

Bad management pushed them to the brink.

Flight cancellations down to virusphobia [see 2: below] finished them off.

2: People panic easy

To be fair, the media is stoking the fire.

Bizarre articles are claiming 80% infection rate, warning that supermarkets will run out of food, and showing images of people wearing ineffective face-masks.

No wonder we’re all in a flap!

3: You’re full of great ideas

Whenever I ask a question about your attitudes to life and business in the Group, the range of answers is mesmerising.

One thing’s a recurrent thread: you’re passionate and skilled at what you do, but wish you were better at marketing.

The good news is that’s way better than the other way round – can you imagine being fabulously adept at peddling snake oil?

The even better news is that I can help get your great work in front of the right people.

People who can pay you what you’re worth, week-in, week-out.

Stay close, and I’ll show you how.

Have a great weekend!

Love you lots,

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