3 ways to beat the sales slump

You know when things suddenly go quiet? 

You wake one morning and realise you didn’t make a sale for two weeks.

You start to question everything.

The self-doubt monkey is screaming his rabid cry in your ear.

Well, don’t panic.

This is the time to breathe, put on your scientific lenses, and apply some simple analysis:

  • What were you doing when things were working out? Check back, and start doing it again.
  • Work harder than you did when sales were better. The snowball needs to start rolling again, and it takes more energy to create motion than to maintain it.
  • Contact clients who paid you before. They are the easiest to get working with you again, and paying you again.

It’s easy to forget that you once were succeeding, but here’s the really great news.

Next time, you’ll realise how to keep on succeeding forever. 


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