6 business lessons from a champion boxer

JHM member Jessica Fleischer – AKA The Kickboxing Queen – has written today’s sparkling DBT. 

Do you want to become a business black-belt?

Mostly, you need to stick at it.

Fewer than half of all start ups make their 5th year.

But, that’s way better than blackbelt odds – 1 in 1,000 get their 1st Dan and a minuscule 1 in 10,000 get their 2nd Dan!

So, here’s what I’ve learned by achieving blackbelt (2nd Dan), and from making a business around my kick-boxing. 

  • It takes time and dedication. And it’s tough. If success were easy, everyone would be successful!
  • It takes small and consistent changes, repeated over time. Individual grand gestures alone will not be enough.
  • You must keep working on your strengths but also improve your weaknesses too.
  • Pay someone else to do stuff you don’t need to. Unfortunately, I couldn’t outsource jumping spinning kicks, but I will outsource graphic design!
  • Build your team, who’ll support you when things get tough. Then they’ll celebrate your successes with you too!
  • Having a coach is essential. You do not know best. Listen to them and learn from them. It also creates a bond like no other.

I made British Champion, twice.

You can reach the top in your profession too. 


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