5 reasons coaches are broke

Here are five things that’ll need to change if you’re to thrive and prosper as an online coach or therapist in 2021:

  1. You’re not solving a big, expensive problem
  2. You haven’t worked out which tiny slice of the population would benefit most from your work
  3. You aren’t talking to enough of those people [or any!]
  4. You think something has to happen first
  5. You aren’t charging enough

They’re all primary issues that I come across every day in conversation with you guys in the JHM community.

Since March 2017, I’ve had over 500 strategy sessions one-on-one, and dug into the psyche and the work of every kind of transformation practitioner [that’s you] in every kind of sector.

Most of those are head-trash issues, but they’re all reversible by installing simple, robust client-attraction processes that you can follow relentlessly.

Are you ready to finally cross the bridge into the light, and decide to run a real business, instead of a stressful hobby? 


PS: A thriving Facebook Group is a key part of your process, and I’m running a mini-workshop in Feb showing you exactly how to run your own profitable Group. Reply with “FB” and I’ll make sure you get an invite. 

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