5 reasons to stop adding more connections

If you think that growing your following is your number one priority in the next 12 months, think again. 

Unless you’re selling a commodity or a low-price service where you need a mass-market, success is more about connection quality than quantity.

In your quest for numbers, it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important, like:

  • You can only have a handful of best friends, or best clients at any one time
  • You have a six-figure business with just ONE £2k sale each week
  • Time spent gaining new connections is time wasted unless you’re building relationships with them too
  • Nurturing relationships with a few dozen warm prospects will create a tribal flow of user-generated content
  • Social platforms will penalise you with poor reach, if you build follower numbers without real engagement

Of course, you need a CERTAIN number of followers before any magic starts to happen, but it’s nowhere near as big as you think.

Not even close.


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