5 Signs You’re A High Achiever

Writer Ayodeji Awosika gives us as good a checklist as any for ensuring ultimate success:

  • You listen to directions and implement helpful advice as soon as possible
  • You can’t stand the idea of living below your potential
  • You’re a learning machine that harnesses the power of technology
  • You have self-awareness and are brutally honest with yourself
  • You reverse-engineer the outcomes you want and figure out what needs to be done today

And in your 21st-century coaching or therapy business, this means continually honing your instincts, skills and performance until your competitors weep and your clients dance with joy.

Which of those is your current strongest, and weakest trait?

Love you lots

PS: The image? High flyer Felix Baumgartner, leaping from space to earth with only his parachute to save him from a mincemeat fate.

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