5 untrue things you’ve been told

Generalisations are not the same as principles. 

Let’s play.

Five Generalisations:

  • You’ve got to post multiple times every day in social media
  • It takes 7 interactions before a client will buy from you
  • You always need to be closing
  • It’ll be easier to get clients if you have more qualifications
  • You should have a big email list

Five Principles:

  • Listening beats talking, every time
  • Clients aren’t interested in what you do, only in what you can do for THEM
  • If you try and appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no-one
  • There’s never a client-shaped hole in your business
  • You’ve already got everything you need inside of you

Generalisations aren’t always true.

Principles ALWAYS are.


PS: Apologies if you suffered any weird emails from me yesterday. We’re dumping our email platform for another one and it seemed like it got all butt-hurt and flung out some unwanted messages as an angry farewell. Even tech has feelings, it seems. 

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