6 ways to kill an impostor

Self-doubt is one of the most crippling, yet common, challenges I see coaches and therapists facing in the JHM community. 

Impostor syndrome is a thing and yet, ironically, it is itself an imposter in our consciousness.

Writer Tim Denning talks about how to kick out the unwelcome guest, for good:

  1. Create evidence of your abilities – every little triumph should be celebrated
  2. Keep taking action – self doubt can’t creep in when you’re usefully busy
  3. Remember what it used to be like – you’ve come a long way, baby!
  4. Be kinder to yourself. Slack can always be cut.
  5. Stop imagining future scenarios. That’s called worrying.
  6. Remember you’ll learn and grow. Even from the worst that happens.

This crazy dude who’s talking you down has no place in your life.

Just tell him you don’t work with the likes of him. 


PS – I work with the likes of YOU, and here’s how!

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