6 ways to online mediocrity

Writer Tim Denning makes a great point when he says:

“The path to mediocrity is *not* actively curating and therefore confusing people you meet with a broad approach to nothing.”

And all around our wonderful community, I spot coaches and therapists committing crimes against engagement:

🤯 Posting links to YouTube videos they watched at two in the morning and thought somebody might like
🤯 Copying memes from other people’s profiles where they might have meant something
🤯 Stealing posts that got engagement and thinking the same should work for them too
🤯 Dropping random photo collections (Does anybody open when they see +12?) with no context
🤯 Writing the first thing that comes into their heads without honing for rhyme or reason
🤯 Not editing for spelling, punctuation or grammar [This stuff still matters]

So take your time to write beautiful, original prose.

Craft your deepest thoughts and wisdom.

Leave it sitting on the screen to age like a fine wine, then drink it in again.

Read it out loud – is it your voice you hear?

Ask: in my reader’s shoes, how would this leave me feeling?

In summary, resist the temptation to post any old shite that’s whirling around the trash-can of the internet.

Down that path lies obscurity and mediocrity, and I know you’re better than that.

Love you lots

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