7 ways you’re wasting Facebook

Before Marketing

You’re probably not just wasting TIME on Facebook, but maybe wasting the platform itself. 

As in, you’re likely not using half of the FREE tools and opportunities it presents you.

For starters, based on the answers to my Sunday Service post in the Group yesterday, most of you are WAY OFF mark in terms of leveraging your Personal Profile to support your business.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re using your profile effectively:

  • Use the banner to describe your core business proposition
  • Complete the headline under your banner, including a link to where you want people to go
  • Make sure that “Most Wanted Destination” is linked to all around your Profile
  • DON’T post political, religious or sociological opinions. Your ICAs are reading, and half of them will disagree with you
  • DO post entertaining, useful and family stuff that shows you as a caring 3D-human (assuming you are…lol)
  • Don’t confuse your visitor with arcane, obtuse and downright silly descriptions of what you do
  • Make it CLEAR what exactly they’ll stand to gain if they work with you

There are many more ways to optimise your personal profile, but you really, really should.

It’s the most important part of your Facebook armoury, as it gets the most traffic and people are always going to check you out there before they decide to move any closer towards you.

Get your Profile right, and they’ll want to find out more. 


PS: If I did a pop-up livestream in the week, all about optimising your FB Profile, are you in? 

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