Absorption vs Application


I’ve noticed a mass addiction to self-help. 

Whether it’s courses, books, 5-day challenges, webinars or workshops, lots of folks seem to be showing up and doing them all.

All around our “industry”, they’re absorbing content like a sponge soaks up a kitchen mess.

Trouble is, even if you manage to retain the knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment all those experts are pushing out, you still only have the poor half of the equation.

Applying what you’ve learnt to your life and business is the bigger, better half.

Here are some questions to ask before you open your head to a bunch more new stuff:

1. Do I need to know this right now?
2. Will I have time to apply it before I forget it?
3. If I applied what I already know, is that enough to move me forward?

Application beats absorption all day long.


PS – Here’s a holy blend of Absorption AND Application – with a day in London thrown in. 

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