An actual coffee with Jonny

It’s not often I venture out of JHM Towers for work these days. 

In fact, all my client interactions are thanks to the Great God Zoom.


Twice a year I and my pal Mr Blampied throw a party AKA The Inner Circle of Experts, and we handpick 30 guests to join us.

The Spring ICoE is in the NEC in the West Midlands on the 21st March.

Conveniently, that’s a Saturday.

Despite not officially launching the ticket sales, we already have people jetting in from Italy, Jersey and Scotland, and there are only 18 places left.

Yep, almost half gone.

I would like you to be there, as I’m 99% sure you’ll add nicely to the ambience, and learn the secrets to making money from your expert business.

That’s why I’m sneakily offering you an email subscriber-deal at £200 off the ticket price.

The ICoE in numbers:

30 VIP places
7 expert speakers
5 Multi-£000 strategies
3 immersive workshops
1 swanky hotel
Infinity teas and coffees

If you can get to Birmingham on Saturday the 21st March, you really should.

It’ll be a day to make your year.

Here’s the link to grab your early-bird ticket while you still can. 


PS – This’ll be open to the public after the weekend, so do it now if you’d like to come. 

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