An unsolvable problem

You know when you’re wrestling with something you can’t solve, a challenge you can’t overcome, or a goal you can’t meet?

There could be a reason why that’s happening, and it’s probably not because you’re incapable.

It’s because you’re trying to solve the unsolvable. 

A few years back, my business was in a right mess.

I had clients, but they weren’t paying me enough to make a good living. Even worse, I couldn’t find enough time to service them properly.

They were just SO needy!

When I realised I couldn’t create more time, nor get them to pay me any more, I realised I had an unsolvable problem.

So, like a jigsaw with half the pieces missing, I stuck my whole business in a box, stuffed it in a drawer and forgot about it.

Some problems are genuinely unsolvable, and admitting that to yourself can open the door to untold riches elsewhere.

Knowing when to quit, and walk away without looking back, is a genuine success trait.


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