Analyse this

Digital marketers get hung up on analytics, and rightly so.

If you’re working with advertising budgets, you’d better be making a return on your investment, right?

ROI is king, otherwise you are simply sponsoring Facebook/Google to get even richer.

But in a world Before Advertising, where your success comes from your organic reach, what do you measure?

You could – and maybe should – measure:

  • Email open rates
  • Click-through rates from emails and weblinks
  • Post engagement
  • Video views
  • Podcast downloads

Here’s an even better analytic than any of those: ROT


Check out Jonny’s ROT formula:

>> Hours Spent On Organic Hustle x Desired Hourly Earnings / Actual Earnings In The Same Period <<

If the answer’s bigger than ONE, you have a negative ROT and might need to have a word with yourself.



Here’s a positive ROT – jump on my FREE Facebook Masterclass next Wednesday the 20th June and learn the secrets of a thriving Facebook Group like Jonny Hates Marketing.   

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