Are We Like-Minded?

Someone contacted me on LinkedIn yesterday because they were looking to “connect with people similar to them”.

Surely one of the great misunderstandings about networking and relationships in general is that we should strive to hang out with “like-minded individuals”.

Firstly, that’s fundamentally nonsense, as everyone has their own, unique mind, but even if we take it at face-value it still doesn’t make much sense.

What do you think’s the most that could happen if you regularly interact with people who are just like you, in the same profession and at the same point in their journey?

  1. You chew the fat over how the job/life/the economy sucks for you right now
  2. You get validation for all the dumb ideas you imagine might be working
  3. You support each other in staying exactly where you are

On the other hand, what might happen if you reached out to people in entirely different walks of life, and maybe even more successful than you?

  1. You get access to fresh thinking and ideas
  2. You get open critique of what you’re doing, and how
  3. You get offers of support to make you more successful

That seems like a better way to network, right?


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PPS – My LinkedIn guy? I’ve replied “Why?” and haven’t yet had a response.

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