Are you a brand?

When I interviewed Luke Vincent on the Jonny Hates Marketing Marketing Show yesterday, he brought some corporate thinking to the world of the solopreneur and coaching profession.

Here’s some of what we learned about why brand matters, no matter how small your business:

  • Everybody has a brand, whether you’re managing it or not
  • Your brand defines the thoughts and feelings people have about you, and how they behave towards you
  • Understanding what your ideal client really needs and wants can help you to create your brand
  • Authenticity and empathy will support your brand strategy and keep you on the right track
  • ONE clear, coherent brand is all you need. Dump the “extra” websites, names and confusion
  • All content comes from your brand story – how your client’s problem can be solved by your solution

The full interview’s in the Group, and Luke dropped so many tips and great advice, as you’d expect from a professional who’s worked with over £100,000,000,000 of brand value!

It’s CONTENT WEEK IN Jonny Hates Marketing, so watch out for more hot tips, strategies and tactics to ignite your writing and messaging! 


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