Are you a machine?

Writer Niklas Goke says:

“Being paid by the hour sucks. Besides making me feel like a machine, it also assumes I am one. That everyone doing that task delivers the same, uniform output of equal quality. Worse, it neglects that knowledge compounds.

If it takes me an hour to write an article, was that an hour or an hour plus four years of writing? Actually, it was all of that plus 27 years of life experience.”

That’s how you got good enough to change other people’s lives, and why you should ask them to pay for the value that creates.

It also explains why some coaches charge $1m to work with them for a year, and why some artists get $10m for a painting.

They don’t get that by acting like a machine, and it has nothing to do with their time.



PS – This has a bit to do with time, but only a bit. 

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