Are you addicted to learning?

I’ve met more than a few coaches, trainers and therapists this year who’ve told me about their learning journey:

  • They’ve got three coaches on the go, in various areas of their life and business
  • They’re graduating from a course with some cool qualifications
  • They’ve got another 9 months left on the biggest and best programme on earth
  • If they could just crack *insert-as-yet-unlearned-secret* they’ll be ready to start earning
  • They haven’t found a coach they like, so they’re looking for the next one that they might

I’ve got nothing against paying for the best, most appropriate learning you can find and afford – obviously!

But here’s the bottom line:

If you’re into self-improvement, improve! 

Then start working with clients, earning money and building a business.

Read self-help books, so you can put into practice what they’ve shown you.

Learning the same stuff over and over again is not the same as working.

That’s why you don’t get paid for it. 


PS – Here’s the start and the end of what you need to learn to get your thriving practice underway. 

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