Are you attractive?

Are you a fan-magnet?

Do clients tumble over themselves to work with you?

Are they lining up round the block and hammering on your door to buy your programmes?

If YES to any/all of the above, read no further.

You’ve cracked it. 

For the rest of us, life’s a little more pro-active than that.

A simple client-attraction process is what’s needed.

Here’s a template that might work:

  • Understand clearly what it is you REALLY do
  • Identify who your ideal client is
  • Build a programme for your ideal client that sells for $1500-2500
  • Go hang out where they do
  • Start a conversation with the next person who looks like an ideal client (10)
  • Invite them on a call to discuss what they need, and how you might help (8)
  • Ask those who jump on a call what they need, and offer them the programme to provide it (4)
  • Half those you offer, will buy (2)

Numbers in brackets are how many you need each week to create a $150,000-$250,000 business.

Now that’s attractive, eh?


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