Are you divided?

If you’re a multi-faceted, multi-talented human, there’s a great temptation to have a few things going on at once.

I was that guy 5 years ago, running social media campaigns, planning exit strategies, raising funding, and generally doing anything my rag-bag client portfolio demanded of Jonny the Business Consultant.

Truth is, my divided attention meant I sucked at most of it.

Not only that, but the stress and overwhelm of a dozen spinning plates turned me into me a fairly rubbish parent and partner too.

When I studied a few prominent and successful coaches, I came to a startling conclusion:

They all had one, singular focus, serving their specific ideal client, and delivering one simple, coherent programme.  

So, I started working on that in late 2016, and the result is the blooming Jonny Hates Marketing practice you see today:

  • Happy Jonny.
  • Effective Jonny
  • Impactful Jonny

The more you try and divide your focus, the less likely any of that becomes.

One. Thing. At. A. Time.


PS – Here’s your ONE thing to do this week. 

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