Are you doing this the wrong way round?

James Clear asked me this week:

Imagine all your responsibilities and obligations vanish overnight.


What would you miss doing? What would you choose to add back to your life?


If you’re searching for more time this year, start with a clean slate and choose what to add to your days rather than starting with a full schedule and trying to figure out what to eliminate.

And in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, this might involve stepping back from:

  • Your multiple social media profiles
  • Your wide range of programmes and offers
  • Your two different client avatars (eek!)
  • Your podcast guest slots
  • Your various websites (lol)

Then you can reassemble the perfect Goldilocks project, with just the right amount of everything. [HINT: One is probably the right amount]

That might even leave you some time to think, relax and grow.

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