Are you hiding?

I see numerous coaches and therapists who’ve misunderstood social media in a fundamental way. 

Like, they define “social” differently from most of us, and make it ridiculously difficult for anyone to reach them.

All significant platforms are free at the point of use, and therefore hugely valuable digital assets for us to leverage and maximise to the hilt.

And yet…it’s painfully obvious how many in our profession just don’t GET IT!

Here are some of the warning signs:

  • Their email address is impossible to find
  • You need their email address to send a LinkedIn connection request
  • You can’t send a friend request to them on FB
  • Their Twitter/Instagram account is set to “private”
  • There’s no clear call-to-action on their website

Now, I’ll stand up for your right to privacy, whatever that means to you.

So long as you stand up for my right to give up on you at the first sniff of hide-and-frikkin’-seek.


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