Are you jealous?

As author Ryan Holiday observes, envy rots the bones.

Too many times, we let our journey be derailed by glancing sideways at what we perceive other people are achieving:

  • Why does she always get more likes for her posts?
  • How did he get so much coverage?
  • How’s he managed to get that guy on his podcast?
  • Where did he get that beautiful website?
  • Those guys are making SO much money!

There’s no doubt that things are working out exactly as they should, given your current actions.

A pop star doesn’t compare her vocal range to an opera singer, nor does a squash player measure his earnings against a tennis champion.

By all means, indulge in bench-marking and optimisation of what you’re doing against others directly comparable to you.

And, of course, learn from those you’re prepared to emulate.

Beyond that, just rejoice in the simple fact that you’re unique, and no-one else is walking in your shoes, nor you in theirs.

There is nothing more futile than picking one strategy and expecting the results of another. 


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