Are you looking through the wrong end?

As Sam Neill points out in Jurassic Park III (I know, I know), there are two types of people in this world:

Astronomers and astronauts.

The former observe the cosmos at a distance, from a safe place. They become smart and knowledgeable, yet remain largely anonymous.

The latter put their lives on the line in search of incredible adventure, and are rewarded with fame, fortune and an indelible insight into the nature of reality.

And in our profession as coaches and therapists you also have a binary choice to make.

You can choose to:

  • Become a course junkie and stockpile information for later
  • Feel envy as you spot other people doing your job more successfully
  • Talk about how centered you are and how you just want to help everybody

Or you could decide to:

  • Learn the essential skills needed to position yourself as an authority in your field now
  • Pick an ideal client avatar and talk to them exclusively all day, every day
  • Develop a high-ticket programme to solve their biggest problem

Pushing the launch button on your thriving practice is scary.

I get that.

It’s rare air up there, and you’re going to feel dizzy, isolated and unsure of what might happen.

But better that than spending your life looking through the wrong end of the telescope, right?


PS – Fancy a chat about finally getting your business on track, more easily than you ever imagined? Let’s talk. My treat!

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