Are you missing the point?

I caught up with one of my therapist clients recently, and they said they’d had a tough month, “because their website wasn’t finished”.

Their web-guy [like web-guys do] had missed all agreed deadlines and was now unresponsive.

Result: therapist focusing on that, and forgetting to talk to any prospects.

I bet you’ve been sidetracked more than once, and not just by a mismanaged web-project:

  • Laptop issues
  • Broadband not connected
  • Tax returns to finish
  • Business partner left
  • Online banking glitches

I’ve heard them all, and experienced most of them.

And they’re just excuses.

One of the most successful coaches I know – and he’s been my coach too – doesn’t have a website or any social media profiles.

But you know what he does?

He talks to people who look like his ideal clients, day-in, day-out.

What’s really great about that is that it doesn’t rely on anyone or anything else.

It’s just focusing on the important stuff, always.


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