Are you networking or just NOT working?

I’ve been spending a little time at networking meetings recently, and have spotted a strange breed – the professional networker.

I didn’t imagine there’d be such a thing, yet there is.

It’s almost like they’re addicted to commercial hotel meals, and they need to eat three or more of them every week.

Reasons why networking meetings might work for you:

  • You get to meet people face-to-face
  • Building personal friendships might lead to business

Reasons too many networking meetings might not be so good:

  • Just because people “network” doesn’t make them ideal clients for you
  • You can focus exactly on your ideal clients more efficiently, quickly and cheaply online

It’d be great if you got paid just for meeting people, and we’d all be a lot richer, a lot sooner.

But networking with the whole wide world of business will never replace working on your own virtual network, inch-wide and mile-deep.  


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