Some of the clearest air and highest ground is reached when you are only doing what only YOU can do.

If your business depends on personal relationships (HINT: It does) then build some every day.

If you are a coach, you should coach.

If you’re a designer, design stuff.

Therapists, go therapize.

What’s not so smart (or even necessary) beyond establishing a process and (maybe) supervising it, is pushing paper, submitting returns, “sending” emails, managing social media and a million other seemingly worthy but incredibly expensive pursuits.

Here I mean “expensive” in the ultimate sense of the incalculable price of time lost to your single, precious, irreplaceable life.

You are uniquely privileged to be born into an age where pretty much every mundane task is automatable, and those which aren’t can usually be delegated to others way more capable and less costly than you.

Don’t squander that gift by acting as if you’re a Victorian shopkeeper.

Instead, work out what needs doing to support your mission and find who or what can do it more efficiently than you can.

We want to see your creations, not your administrations.

Let’s get on with it!

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