Bad news, good news

Writer Darius Foroux talks about how to change a complaining habit into something more useful.

For years, I’ve been using a simple mind trick to help me cope with bad news.

It’s not exactly genius-level, and it’s certainly not original.

Bluntly, it’s about turning a negative into a positive, but in a very specific, case-by-case way. 

  • You got turned down by a prospect? Great. Now you can go find a better one
  • You got ill? Great. Time to rest and come back even stronger
  • Unexpected tax bill? Great. Once you’ve worked out how to pay it, you’ll have a template for extra income forever
  • Laptop broke? Great. The new ones are way better anyway
  • Broke up with partner? Great. You’re free to hook up with someone who makes you REALLY happy
  • Business failing? Great. You’ve learned not to do that thing anymore
  • Sports injury? Great. You can have a rest from workouts for a while.

Do clouds really have a silver lining?

You bet. Every time. 


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