5 bad things that nearly killed me

When you’re not crystal clear what single, massive, transformational benefit you bring to your ideal client, all kinds of bad stuff will happen:

  • It’ll be hard to craft content that engages and sells
  • Your social media posts will baffle and tire your readers
  • You’ll be asked to deliver disparate, ad-hoc services, making your business harder to scale
  • People you don’t want to work with will mistakenly assume you can help them
  • As a generalist, you’ll never be paid what your specialism might have been worth

How do I know this?

Because I suffered from all this [and more] for nearly 15 years in my roller-coaster career with the foggy title of “Business Consultant”.

I suffer no more, because I know YOU’RE my perfect client, and I know I can help you attract YOUR ideal clients, with all that entails.

Inch wide. Mile deep.

Because the other way round sucks. 


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