Can you be honest?


Can you remember that once when you promised to do something for somebody, and they had to chase you to remind you?

Do you also recall saying, sorry, I just haven’t had the time…?

Well, someone did that to me the other day, about a project where I’d obtained a seemingly firm commitment.

And you know what, he fed me that line…

Jonny, I just haven’t had the time.

I replied with the obvious truth:

Mark, you’ve had the exact time you promised me you’d need. You just chose to spend it doing something else.   

With nowhere to hide, Mark decided to go full disclosure, and told me he couldn’t prioritise my job for the foreseeable future.


If you don’t want to suffer either end of that emotional rollercoaster, remember this:

It’s never about “not enough time.”

It’s about “not enough caring.”

Best both be honest about that when the terms are still to be agreed, right? 

Love you lots

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