Can you solve this mystery?


Sometimes it can feel like success is a puzzle you haven’t solved yet. A big, foggy mystery.

I get that, so here’s an idea to try.

Remember that wonderful fictional line Conan Doyle used to solve his made-up mysteries?

“Eliminate the impossible, and what you’re left with is the answer.”

I use a similar process to streamline my business, save energy, and supercharge growth.

You see, getting more successful is easier if you eliminate the stuff that isn’t working.

If you STOP doing things:

a) That you don’t enjoy
b) That are creating no obvious benefits, and
c) That could be done by someone else anyway

Then what you’re left with is the answer. 

Where the question is:

“How can I fill my life with interesting, productive and rewarding work?”

And now you’ve got time to do more of that, your chances of success are amplified.

That’s not such a mystery after all, right? 

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