Charge What They Want

Too many entrepreneurs fuss over pricing, when really all they need fuss about is value.

If you have what someone needs and wants, price is irrelevant.

Also, people pay different prices for the same thing in different situations:

  • A bottle of wine in a restaurant costs 3 times what it costs in a supermarket
  • You could have 20 cups of instant coffee at home for the price of one proper cup in a coffee shop
  • You pay 10x more for an airline ticket the day before the flight compared to 6 months before
  • Good advice is more expensive when you’re almost sunk than when you’re nicely afloat
  • A divorce costs way more if only you want it, and way less if you both want it (sometimes)

Learn the art of value pricing, and you’ll never go short. More importantly, neither will your customers.

Author: Jonny | Let’s work on your prices!

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