Clutter-clatter matters

When I step in our lounge pretty much anytime between dawn and nightfall, the place is carpeted with Oscar’s playthings.

Like a burglar rooting for your gold earrings in your sideboard, he decants his toy-boxes over his shoulder at 6.30 am with the earnest abandon only a 3 year-old can muster.

For me though, it seems like the place is begging to be tidied up, and now.

It feels, well, noisy. 

Later, after he’s slipped on his Spiderman onesy and curled up in bed, packing it all away is a beautifully cathartic use of ten minutes.

Then I can flop into the sofa, breathe out, and the place seems quiet again.

It’s time to think, create, and type this stuff to you.

So where’s the clutter-clatter coming from in your life? 

What could you tidy up, literally or metaphorically, that’d let you do your best work more easily?

Your world’s noisy enough without making it even louder. 


PS – Thanks to everyone who downloaded the bundle of goodies I made for you yesterday. It’s only half as cheap now, but it still makes enormous sense. 

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