Coincidence? Nah.

So here’s what happened. 

In a ten-minute break today, I take a favourite book down from my overstocked shelf and start thumbing through it.

An hour later, I’m on an impromptu Skype call with a guy who happens to be attending the same course as me this weekend. It’s the first time we speak, following a brief comment exchange in an FB Group..

He explains how he’s writing his own book using musical mastery as a metaphor for life and business (and music!).

I idly mention the book I’d chosen earlier, and he says yeah, I love that too. It’s pretty obscure, to say the least, and I’ve never met anyone else who read it, let alone liked it.

We’re both musicians.

Turns out we also have similar views on coaching, and are probably at a comparable stage in terms of our reach and impact.

Next, I learn we both have Russian wives. Well, I already knew I did, but you get my drift.

So much overlap, interweaving stories and a fascinating exploration ahead.

None of which happened by chance or coincidence. In fact, these things rarely happen without a purposeful desire to make new connections, to listen and to learn.

I was reminded of the immortal quote from Charles “Tremendous” Jones:

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” 

Don’t stay the same.

Meet people.



Author: Jonny

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