Connect to less

Here’s what Robin Sharma calls the Zero Drama Life:

Clear out the clutter and focus mono-maniacally on a few key things that are going to get you where you want to go.

Most people are connected to too much. Think of a Tibetan monk at one end of the scale, meditating in his leafy sanctuary, overwhelmed by the aromas and sounds of nature, and mindful of the power and meaning of his own existence.

At the other end, a busy executive with twenty clients, two bosses, three phones, a Skype chat, a Facebook DM, a workout schedule, a salary that almost pays his bills but not quite, and a deadline to be home by six otherwise his dinner’s in the dog.

Who’s happier?

I’m not advocating you aspire to either extreme. Generally, extremes of anything are bad.

I’m suggesting you connect to only those things, people and places which make you happy, productive and successful.

And here’s a great way to hit those marks: convert your one-off customers to recurring revenue.

Author: Jonny Cooper | Join us and start hitting those marks!

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