Dance Yourself Happy!

Like so many other aspects of human behaviour, dancing and happiness are connected at the hip.

It doesn’t matter which comes first. They both stimulate each other. If you are happy, you feel like dancing. That’s why 2 year old babies do those cute impromptu jigs when they are happy. Reciprocally, if you dance, you start feeling happy. Dancing lifts your mood, makes you feel positive. You are just wired that way.

Your brain is hard wired the other way too. You can use dance to create happy feelings and therefore happy thoughts.

RAD’s Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing report says:

“Recent research now positions dance ahead of other physical activity for its health promoting benefits on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual…at any stage of life.”

And long-term research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York shows dance to be the most effective physical activity to ward off deterioration of the brain and dementia.

At the end of dance class in Dorset for over 50’s, the dancers described how they felt: ‘elated’, ‘uplifted’, ‘happy’, ‘joyful’ and ‘as I want to feel’.

As far I am aware there is usually dancing at the most successful parties – and right there is an awesome, easy way to ‘unwire and rewire’ your brain so you can feel boundlessly happy every day!

Who wouldn’t want to feel that happy every day?

Author: Ellen Kay |

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