Do this or die

As my friend and Canadian Super-Coach Karl Bryan remarked recently:

Uber didn’t kill the taxi industry.

Insane levels of government regulations, inflated, and unworkable license schemes did.


Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster.

Inflated, inflexible and unnecessary late fees did.


Amazon didn’t kill retail.

High rent, poor customer service, lack of selection and long lines are.


Airbnb didn’t kill hotel chains.

The lack of innovation, lack of options and rising prices are.


The reason these billion-dollar behemoths fall over is that, as they grow, they get further away from the solutions their clients require.

That’s spot-on, and in your coaching business, innovation is the key to standing out from the crowd.

Hell, it might even be the key to your survival.

  • When they zig, you zag
  • When they drop their prices, raise yours
  • When they give up, keep going
  • When they play it safe, get controversial and dangerous
  • When they stop doing freebies, give EVEN more away

Whatever you do, don’t blame THEM for the death of your business.


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