Do you ever lie?

The question is: when is it ok to tell a pretty lie rather than the ugly truth?

Here are some questions that some might say, COULD justify a pretty lie:

  • How was dinner?
  • Do you like my new car?
  • Does this aftershave/perfume smell nice?
  • Do you mind if I miss our meeting today?
  • Can we just agree to disagree?

And here are some others where even a hideous truth might be the right option:

  • What do you think to my book draft?
  • Will you share this post to raise awareness for (Insert good cause here)?
  • Am I on the right track with this business idea?
  • If I keep doing this, do you think it will work?
  • Can we just agree to disagree?

In a world where a little kindness goes a long way, both approaches might be used for all the right reasons.

What do you think? Tell me the truth, no matter how ugly!


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