Do you have a perfect argument?

Seth Godin reminded me yesterday how easy it is to get consumed with the Big, Perfect Argument. 

Politicians are really good at beating the Single Issue Drum so hard that you forget they’re supposed to be doing other stuff as well.

I only need to mention Brexit, Iran and Climate Change before you get the idea.

And in your business, the Perfect Argument can both stultify and satisfy you at the same time. 

  • Oh, I have imposter syndrome so I can’t make any sales till I get that cleared up
  • Damn, while my internet is playing up I can’t talk to anyone
  • Facebook isn’t working since they changed the algorithm
  • This political uncertainty is driving my customers away
  • What, go networking, in THIS weather?!

And all that muddled thinking kinda lets you off the hook from swerving round the issue to find a solution. 

As Godin says:

The purpose of the perfect argument is to make sure we don’t actually get anything done.

But you never fall for that one, right?


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